I thank for an encounter of Bangkok

I was able to see 300 Singaporean series from a departure gate of Narita
It is a really big body

It is the airplane which it wants to board once
By the way, I photographed the signboard of Bangkok of “gyu-no ya” with going together that there were many the Japanese who took a ceremonial photograph here

This one is “a group pleased with an encounter of chance together of Kanazawa”
Mister K & T and mis reina & ayumi and local kanraya and a British boyfriend
It is for the true miracle to have met again in McDonald store of a hpaponh district after 2nd of this photography
imura had already attracted “a cold” then and has directed disappointing parting

It is Bangkok of thanks for a miracle of all of you
However, why will be it that I am busy with local Kanazawa and cannot meet?




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