Thank you for Mr won

I thank yunsona (a girl friend) and Jimmy(a look so japanes Kogyaru beautiful !! ) Thanks very muchCG KOREA c,oTechnology of your polishing is very careful very highlycg18.jpgcg24.jpgEnvironment is splendid and judges a factory of the main office to become a sample of Korea in futurecg41.jpgcg33.jpgThis does not perform a chess game (this is a joke)I test most on the panel which I dividedWhen a Japanese plays “a chess game” in the middle of a meeting, please do not fill out Korea WEBIt was a visit good at all that did not perform “night sightseeing” only by right sightseeing without answering a request of Yano this timePlease please praise me and Yano (this is a joke)cg56.jpgAt the daytime of return home, I let sightseeing strain with children of a neighboring kindergarten to “Seoul tower” on foot.Let’s cooperate like a brother from now onIn addition, I visit you each other, and let’s wear technologyA clean car has power to change to a human heart to run it neatly


To the Thai staff and all of you

I like a town of Bangkok very muchstw44.jpgstw48.jpgIt will be for me to live in Thailand if I become an old manI utilize a signboard and Japanese-style “soul” technique of “G guard”, and “star wash” will develop limitlesslyI have you hear a clumsy English meeting well and thank youstw101.jpgstw111.jpgI may meet owner of “Porsche” which had you take two hours from Pathaya by maintenance on the next timeNumber one “Kimutaku” thing ,:: will take a photograph together in Bangkok, and it is thanksIt was scooped all the others by a magazine, but will be all right?stw51.jpgIn “girls A”, right or wrong “Japanese Harajuku” that had you make “program data” very hard!I pray to all of you for “thanks” and “happiness” by kanazawa japanなんちゅうかぁ、英語になってないような、、笑))))