Thank you for Mr won

I thank yunsona (a girl friend) and Jimmy(a look so japanes Kogyaru beautiful !! ) Thanks very muchCG KOREA c,oTechnology of your polishing is very careful very highlycg18.jpgcg24.jpgEnvironment is splendid and judges a factory of the main office to become a sample of Korea in futurecg41.jpgcg33.jpgThis does not perform a chess game (this is a joke)I test most on the panel which I dividedWhen a Japanese plays “a chess game” in the middle of a meeting, please do not fill out Korea WEBIt was a visit good at all that did not perform “night sightseeing” only by right sightseeing without answering a request of Yano this timePlease please praise me and Yano (this is a joke)cg56.jpgAt the daytime of return home, I let sightseeing strain with children of a neighboring kindergarten to “Seoul tower” on foot.Let’s cooperate like a brother from now onIn addition, I visit you each other, and let’s wear technologyA clean car has power to change to a human heart to run it neatly



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